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Welcome to Bare Arms Indoor Range and Gun Shop!

Looking for somewhere to shoot in the Tri-State with reasonable range rates, a wide selection of firearms to rent and easy availability to ammunition and targets? Want somewhere to transfer your firearm or purchase a new one? Need to acquire a concealed carry certification, want to brush up on your skills, or just looking for some help getting started? You’ve come to the right place at Bare Arms!


Bare Arms was founded in 2016 by William “Billy” Bare, a retired Ashland Police Department officer and Desert Storm Air Force veteran. Billy uses his vast experience in the military and police fields to inform how he operates his business, applying his expert marksmanship and situational knowledge to classes offered at Bare Arms. Billy also knows what makes shooters safe and comfortable, and uses that to give range visitors the best experience possible.

Billy’s qualifications are top-drawer. He is an expert marksman with an M-16 and 9mm, is certified as a Pops police officer, police firearms instructor and range master, and is a Kentucky CCDW Trainer and National Rifle Association instructor. He has served as an M-60 gunner, worked with the USAF Security Police and has 22 years of service with the Ashland Police Department. He is certified by the Department of Criminal Justice in Richmond, Ky., and is a Smith & Wesson and Glock instructor. Billy is classified an expert in firearms and ballistics by the Federal Court of Columbia, S.C.

General Manager

Mike Crawford is also a retired Ashland Police Department Lieutenant and Desert Storm Air Force veteran, where he served as a military working dog handler.

Mike has a vast array of combat shooting and teaching expertise honed over 20 years serving on tactical and SWAT teams throughout his career. He held positions from entry team and sniper/observer to serving 8 years as team commander. Mike also served as a police firearms instructor and Response to Active Shooter instructor for 17 years and graduated in 2013 from the FBI National Academy.

Mike’s qualifications include advance level police firearms instructor, Glock and S&W M&P armorer, Glock pistol instructor, H&K Precision Rifle Instructor, NRA Instructor, KY CCDW instructor, KY Hunters Education instructor and many more..

What is Bare Arms?

We’re all about making the shooting experience the best it can be for you, from offering optional memberships for serious and frequent shooters to courses for those just getting started. We also pride ourselves on the experience and talent of our on-range staff.


We have 25-yard and 15-yard shooting lanes for handguns and long guns. We feature Range System equipment, made of AR 500 Steel, bulletproof glass and ballistic rubber for safety.

Safety First

Our ranges feature HEPA filtered ventilation systems, moving air 75 fpm past the firing line. This complies with law and allows you to shoot with comfort. Additionally, range staff are on site at all times.

The More You Know

No membership is required; we’re open to the general public. However, we do offer several packages for frequent shooters. A few issues of note:

  • We ask that you bring firearms in cases, holsters or range bags.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required and pants are recommended, for safety purposes.
  • Eye and ear protection is also required. We sell this on site if needed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Range Rules for Safety, located under the section on this website labeled “OUR RULES.”
  • Keep government-issued ID with you.